Flea Bite

A flea bite can be painful and irritating, but because fleas carry disease it can be a lot more than just the irritation you get for a couple of weeks after getting bitten that you need to think about. The reason fleas bite their victims is to feed of their blood, fleas are parasites and as such need a host to survive, the problem is that because they are small and can jump such large distances they are often difficult to spot and the first time you spot a flea it probably means that there are hundreds if not thousands more already in your home.

Due to the quick breading and life cycle of the flea you ca get an infestation in your home in a very short period of time and and as each flea bite runs the risk of infecting you with a disease that a previous host may have had you really need to address the infestation as quickly as possible, most flea bites only result in irritation for a couple of weeks but it is recommended that any outbreak of fleas should be treated as quickly and fully as possible.

There are a number of ways you can rid your home of fleas, one of the most popular is with a fogger, these cover an infected area with a chemical fog that kills the fleas and stops them breading. The chemicals used are also dangerous to animals and people so you must ensure that any place you use them is emptied of people and animals and properly sealed. It is important to act quickly to eliminate a flea infestation as a bite can lead to an allergic reaction that may need medical treatment.

If you get bitten the bite is often a smallish red mark that is slightly swollen and it tends to itch, the flea when it bites uses a chemical in its saliva to numb you against the pain, this causes swelling and itching around the area of the bite, it is not unusual for a single flea to bite you more than once as it moves from one feeding place to another.

If you have a flea bite that causes you to get a fever you need to seek medical treatment as soon as you can as their are a number of diseases that are associated with flea bites, you may also develop an allergic reaction to the bites, again you will need to speak to a doctor if this is the case, a normal non infected bite tends to remain itchy for about 2 weeks.

Because of the above it is important that once you have noticed a flea infestation in your home to begin to rid the fleas from your home, treat your pets with anti flea medication, your home with flea traps or foggers, use a dehumidifier to slow the breading cycle and use flea repellents to discourage a re-infestation. It is not unusual for the first someone knows of a flea infestation to be a flea bite so you should be aware of the action to take when you find a bite.

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