Flea Foggers

Flea foggers are one of the best and most effective ways of killing off a flea infestation, the chemicals used can be harsh and dangerous if not used properly but they are incredibly effective in killing off the fleas that are in your house. If you have fleas in your house you need to get them killed off a s quickly as possible as they can spread diseases and cause health problems to you, your family and your pets as the fleas bite each of you.

The foggers disperse a toxic cloud of chemicals around the infected area and this stops the breading cycle of the fleas, it also penetrates the tough outer shell of the flea eggs and stopps the fleas from hatching, stopping the hatching will stop the eggs that have been laid becoming adult fleas that are able to lay more eggs and so it stops the cycle in its tracks.

The foggers only work if used properly, they come with instructions that must be followed properly, the rooms must be prepared as stated, they must be sealed and you need to ensure that there are no people or animals in the area that is going to be fogged as the toxic chemicals are strong and will cause serious health problems if inhaled. After the fogger has been used and before you let anyone or any animals back into the treated area you need to ensure that the area has been properly aired as per the instructions on the flea fogger.

Some furniture will not react well to flea foggers, if you have items that are in this category, delicate fabrics for example, you mus ensure they are covered by a protective sheet before the fogger is used. To reduce the chance of fleas hiding in this furniture it is worth using natural flea repellents for a couple of weeks on these items of furniture in an attempt to chase our the fleas.

Any plates, chopping boards, silverware or anything else that you use food on should be removed from the area before you use a fogger. Delicate furniture needs to be covered and wooden floors and furniture should be given a protective layer of fax before you start. The chemicals being used are toxic and may react with your furniture so it is best to be safe.

If you have a fish tank or aquarium in the room that is going to be treated you need to turn off the air intake valve on the tank, ensure the tank lights are off and that the tank is sealed so that there is no way for the toxic gas to enter the fish tank.

All lights, heat sources and pilot lights need to be off in the area to be fogged as the gases used are both toxic and flammable and flash fires have been known to occur.

They take around 3 hours to work and once the time is up the room needs to be aired out before people or pets should re-enter.

These are only general guidelines and you must follow the instructions that you get with the fogger you are going to use on your infestation as they are all slightly different. Remember foggers are dangerous if not used properly but flea foggers are also very effective at killing fleas.

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