Flea Infestation

Suffering a flea infestation can be an ordeal, the fleas in your home will bite you and your pets when they feed and these flea bites are irritating at best but disease ridden at worst. The flea bites on your pets will cause your cat or dog to scratch itself and nibble at the infected area, the fur of your pet may also fall our around the area. If you or your family are unlucky enough to be bitten by the fleas that have infested your home you will tend to find the bite is a small red mark that is itchy and causes irritation, the slight swelling and itchiness will last up to two weeks.

It is more than likely that due to the large number of fleas you will have in the infestation you will be bitten more than once, one flea will bite multiple times while feeding and if you are just bitten by 5 fleas a week this may result in 15 – 25 bites in a week, I am sure that is not a situation you are willing to put up with, the good news is you have some options and there are some great products available that will help you rid your home of this invading parasite.

The strategy you adopt for your flea control will depend on several factors, including do you have a pet? If you do have a cat or dog the chances are this is how the fleas entered your home as the flea infestation will have started with just a few fleas at the beginning, these fleas may well have gotten into your home in the fur of your pets, the fleas will lay eggs in your pets fur even before you know they are their and because the eggs are not sticky they will fall from the fur into your carpets and onto your soft furnishings where they will remain undetected until they are ready to hatch and this is a process that can take up to two years..

Using an anti flea medication such as Front line or Advantage can reduce the chances of your pets bringing in fleas that can bread and infest your home, the chemicals from the anti flea medication till prevent the fleas reproducing and will make the affected flea toxic to other fleas, this way your pets can be used to kill off the fleas that attach them selves to it.

Using a dehumidifier in your home will keep the fleas in the egg for longer as the ideal conditions for hatching will not have been reached yet, this combined with a regular vacuuming of your home will reduce the number of flea eggs that are left, you must always dispose of the vacuum bags when you have vacuumed as the eggs will hatch inside the cleaner bag and spread back into your carpets to begin the flea cycle again by laying more eggs and you will never irradiate the flea infestation if you continue to let them come back into your home.

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