How Does Comfortis Flea Treatment Work?

First of all, what is Comfortis? Does it live up to its name?

Comfort is… cuddling your pet, even sleeping with it, and not getting flea-bite dermatitis.

Comfort is… not having to flea bomb your flea-colonized house.

Comfort is… not bothering with flea combs, sprays, dips, shampoos, collars, powders, and picking blood-fat fleas with your fingers all the time.

Eli Lilly and Company prides itself on creating the first chewable, beef-flavored, flea-killing tablet approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. You heard it right: beef-flavored flea killer.

Just one Comfortis tablet prevents flea infestation for 30 days, and because it’s a flavorful, chewy pill, you don’t have to worry about any mess. Within 30 minutes after ingestion, the flea massacre starts before those bloodsuckers can lay eggs.

This flea treatment breakthrough has been proven safe on dogs and puppies 14 weeks and older. So far, it is not available for felines. Cat lovers will have to wait for updates.

Comfortis flea treatment, to put it colorfully, is beef-flavored flea genocide minus the hassles of the usual flea medication. No need to isolate your dog. You can play with him right after giving him the pill. The most common adverse reaction to it is vomiting, which doesn’t last long and doesn’t happen to most dogs. That’s a small price to pay for having healthy, itch-free fur.

Because Comfortis is administered orally, there’s no risk of allergic reactions on application sites, unlike flea sprays, for instance. It won’t stain the carpeting, upholstery or clothing and won’t leave chemical residues. It won’t rub off on your or your kids’ skin. It’s not just safe for your pets; it’s safe for the entire household.

In a controlled laboratory study, Comfortis notched a 100-percent kill efficiency within 30 minutes, and the ingredient responsible for delivering the deathblow is Spinosad.

Spinosad is also used as a crop insecticide. Its use in agriculture resulted in the receipt of a Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 1999 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Due to its low toxicity and perceived low impact on the environment, EPA registered Spinosad as a ‘reduced-risk pesticide.’

A smart pesticide, Spinosad is highly effective at eliminating pest insects but does not harm 70 to 90 percent of beneficial insects, demonstrating low toxicity in non-target species, like mammals, and has a low environmental risk.

Once ingested by fleas, Spinosad targets the fleas’ nervous system, causing tremors and involuntary muscle contraction, leading to paralysis and rapid death. It is extremely toxic to fleas but has no effect on mammalian nervous system, so you don’t have to worry for your dog and the entire household.

Because you give Comfortis to your pet orally, Spinosad simply mixes with your pet’s blood, targeting all voracious freeloaders in your pet’s fur – all of them, since bulimia is not known to afflict fleas. Comfortis is quickly absorbed in your dog’s bloodstream and protects your dog from flea infestation for a full month.

Unlike topical flea treatment, Comfortis can be used for dogs that have skin problems. It is, in fact, recommended by most veterinarians. However, you have to consult the vet for the correct dosage based on your dog’s body weight.

If you live in the tropics or any area where fleas are known to thrive year-round, Comfortis flea treatment should be administered every month without interruption. Whatever products you use to kill fleas, the dog can continue to be exposed to fleas that live in the environment. When these fleas jump onto the dog, they can feed almost immediately, unless your dog gets his monthly Comfortis pill.

Eli Lilly and Company suggests that you mix its beef-flavored flea pill with dog chow, preferably real beef, so he won’t know the difference. Don’t worry if your dog is getting medication for another ailment. Comfortis won’t cancel out the other med’s efficacy. Your vet, however, should be informed about all medications you’re administering to your dog.

Ultimately, your veterinarian knows best, and any vet worth his salt knows Comfortis helps pets ‘live longer, healthier, higher-quality lives.’

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