Natural Flea Killer

A natural flea killer can be used as an alternative to the harsh toxic chemicals that are flammable and can cause flash fires if not used properly, the natural remedies are less likely to cause problems for pets and children who may inadvertently get hold of the anti flea remedies. The remedies can be as diverse as herbs to soaps and a number can be purchased in a good grocery store or local supermarket.

You need to consider if you are willing to let any chemicals be involved in the killing of the fleas in your home, some of the good natural home flea killing remedies do contain some chemicals, things like borax soap are often used and talked about as a natural remedy but they do have a level of chemicals in their ingredients, the same is true for lemon dish soap they are not 100% natural but are much less toxic than things such as flea foggers and flea bombs.

Just because you are using a natural remedy it does not mean you do not have to be very careful with it, you need to remember that a lot of compounds found in nature can be dangerous to animals and children, so be careful when you use the flea killers and keep the remedies out of the reach of children and away from places that your cat or dog is likely to get into as they may eat them.

There are a couple of things you can use that are 100% safe, herbs and wood chips can create a quarantine zone that fleas will find it hard to cross, Pennyroyal or cedar wood chips should be placed around the home and at entry points as fleas do not like to cross these. You should also place these in your dogs bedding or in his kennel as they will not cause health issues for the dog or indeed cats but they can stop infestations from taking place and this is one of the strengths of the natural flea killer remedies.

Using essential oils is not only good fr your skin but it can also act as a natural barrier that prevents fleas biting you. Citronella, Lemongrass and Lavender not only provide pleasant smells around your home but they are good natural flea repellents, while not killing the fleas they detour them form entering or staying in your home and can be a useful addition to your flea fighting arsenal.

You need to think about what actions you need to take if you do have a flea infestation, fleas can spread some nasty and dangerous diseases, and the chemical that fleas inject into people and pets when they bite to feed on you can cause allergic reactions, these can also be quite severe, with this in mind you might like to rethink your decision as to whether to use chemicals or go with natural remedies, the big advantage of using chemicals to kill off a flea infestation is that they are proven to work, they have been tested and improved over time to work quickly.

The best way to use a natural flea killer is to prevent an infestation occurring in the first place and so you should think about your use of a natural flea killer now before you have a problem.

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